Just a little update on some stuff

2013-11-09 20:32:42 by DetrailedFires

Okay so, i've gotten a pretty good handle on Sai Paint Tool's brushes and the many options(so far). My tumblr page has gotten a few follwers so that's pretty good. Wow this is boring lets step it up a bit. I'm Making new pictures as usual and expect a Porno picture sometime in the future. I Still haven't Gotten the full flash and i don't want to because I've taken a look at it and, Want me to pay 20 dollars a month(plus tax which isn't the problem)for a program when i can just get something else better? no thankyou good sir. I'm 15 with no job and damn near no room for a job.Now that the Bitching session is over if anyone would be brave enough to risk their career and views to have me draw backgrounds or them then i'm that dangerous individual to possibly ruin it.


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2013-11-09 20:42:56

Hello fellow Sai user! I actually use Sai myself and no matter how long i have used it I am constantly learning new things about it. I bet your art looks great! Good luck ^~^

DetrailedFires responds:

I'm sure you'll like it and thanks.