2013-12-11 05:59:56 by DetrailedFires

So today a 15 year old drawer person did born today. I'm referencing the writer. I guess my brother and my cousin were first because they came into my room and were shouting happy birthday and I think they were hitting me with pillows. Shit was vague but they luckily did it at 12 so I didn't have to gut them with a knife and harvest their insides. Well that's it, I turn 16 today so woo hoo. 


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2013-12-11 07:18:13

***Happy Birthday!***

Hope you have a good one, man, and keep up your artistic works. Your drawing skills are magic, especially at your age. You're going to grow into a real professional.

Take care now!

DetrailedFires responds:

Awww, thanks! theres more to come but probably not anytime soon


2013-12-11 08:52:53

Happy Birthday, i don't know who you are so i don't know what you'd like for today but i hope you get something good for lunch.

DetrailedFires responds:

All i want is Andre to just not exist in my Japanese class, thanks for wishing me a happy birthday :).