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Change of Plans possibly

2017-10-08 01:12:09 by DetrailedFires

Just wanted to say two things real quick 

  1. Streams are more than likely gonna be moved to sundays since i may be getting more hours at my job
  2. I have moved over to twitch and fiet little test worked without a hitch so if the first official stream i have there works it could be there permanently. 

That is all :0


2017-09-30 00:19:02 by DetrailedFires

Every Saturday Around 7-8pm Im gonna try and get a stream up, you are all welcome to join since last stream seems like it was fairly decent :v

Classes again

2017-09-15 23:51:53 by DetrailedFires

So you know how I got a new tablet and thought i was gonna be getting more drawings out often? Ah good times


2017-06-25 14:22:32 by DetrailedFires

Unfortunately the last picture i made was the last my poor little tablet could handle, little guy broke today and wont respond when I plug it in and consdering ive had it for a little over 3 years now its about right that its just about given out. rip my little huey, I've still got art supplies so im probably gonna be posting on my instagram which is a thing i have but rarely use :v. 

;~; was gonna draw something today too..


2017-05-07 12:18:13 by DetrailedFires

Okay so i finished first year of college got B's in all classes yadda yadda and such, Im back to drawing somewhat and I've got some stuff im working on now. One is for muh dad for a company we own, a personal project for a thing, and more than likely a picture for mothers day for muh mom. 

Will I be drawing anything between them: Yeah and no because this is all happening within a week at the least

Will I ever get my lazy ass back to picarto and stream: If I can stream well :V

Thank you to those who just now became my fans and to those who still vote on my pictures giving me a general. Hope to actually get stuff out soon :0


Link to a vid I helped make a thumbnail for for my friend Eric's channel


So I See that I've gained a few new followers over the course of these past month(yay). I'd assume that it's because of how I've actually been able to push out pictures since my first college semester is over(woo). With that said sorry to say but y'all came around the time I gotta start my next semester meaning that its gonna be even longer for me to make pictures and such(Goddamnit). I finally got sai to work on my laptop now so it wont be ass god awful, Happy very belated new years to eveyone and to college students may your wallet be full and your debt low


2016-10-29 19:43:42 by DetrailedFires

Just a quick thing I wanted to announce, me and a friend got approved for a panel called "Fandom Tandem" so if you feel like drpping by and seeing what its all about then look for us in the schedule book on sunday I believe. Hope to see whoever want to go come over :0


2016-07-02 21:53:23 by DetrailedFires


So essentially just checking in say im not quite dead yet

close to being in debt but not dead

Back on track

2016-02-25 13:11:44 by DetrailedFires

Im back to making stuff 

. . .

2016-01-25 07:13:08 by DetrailedFires

There's apparently both a protest and a school shooting to happen at my school. Don't know if the shooting is real or not for sure but I'm certain I'll be okay. Still on hiatus so I'll have something out maybe soon